Our Beliefs

Church Creed

We believe in God the Father
Christ the Son and the Holy Ghost
We believe that Christ is the Son of God
He was conceived by the Holy Ghost
Born of the virgin Mary
Preached three years and sentenced by Pontius Pilate
Without condemnation

Was crucified on Calvary
And that He arose from the dead
The third day
Triumphing over death and hell

He was seen by eleven disciples
And then by more than five hundred
And that He ascended into heaven
And now sitteth on the right hand of God
And that He will descend again
At the last day to judge the world

We believe in keeping the whole law
That we may preserve our bodies
Wholly and acceptable unto the Lord

We believe in the Holy Ghost,
The Church of the Living God,
The Pillar and Ground of the Truth

I believe in attending my church
And holding her above my highest joy
Keeping me steadfast in the faith
So may it be
Amen, amen